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The beginnings of Azimut Yachts was created in 1969 when the young student Paolo Vitelli founded Azimut Srl and started chartering sailboats.

The first steps to success
In 1970, several well-known yacht brands commissioned the company to sell their boats in Italy.
Azimut quickly expanded its activities: in addition to sales, they also began designing new yachts. In a joint venture with Amerglass, she designed the AZ 43 ′ Bali, a mass-produced fiberglass boat that was an immediate success.
Little by little, the company expanded its offerings and focused on the lower end of the market - with the launch of the AZ 32 ′ Targa in 1977, the “Ford T” of the boating world - and also the upper end - (with the unforgettable debut of the Azimut 105 ′ Failaka in 1982, the largest fiberglass production yacht at the time).

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